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If you have the ability to call on businesses, here are two no-brainer businesses you can do. They both involve offering an online service to a a retail business that also happens to have a website. If you are interested in the Local Lead Generator program, I have some very useful tools that you can get for $39 that will make it very easy for you to actually deliver the service. If you go with the Auto Responder Service, you can either get each merchant their own account so they can administer their program themselves, or you can manage many clients yourself on one account from a company like the one at So, here are the two services you can offer to retail merchants and make a lot of money.

Local Lead Generator

The best way of describing this business is by showing you an example. This example uses local chiropractors but you can do it for literally any type of business. The reason I used chiropractors is because they tend to make a lot of money and thus would have cash available for marketing.  Buy a bunch of domain names from a source like HostGator, along with a basic hosting plan. Suitable domains would say something like “BensalemChiropractor”, “TrevoseChiropractor” or other names that include local towns.

For each one, you would set up a WordPress blog on the domain, upload a nice theme and write a quick 200 word article with the domain keyword which in it, used a few times.  You would talk about how the chiropractors listed on the page would offer an initial free consultation and how chiropractic services can help with a range of problems (you can do your research on this). Next, you want to use a backlink service that will get you hundreds of backlinks to your domain (website). I have an ebook that shows you how to do all of this including links to the sites where you can get the links. It is only $10 for it. You want the anchor tag to be “Townname Chiropractor”

Once the site is ranking. start calling all the chiropractors in that town and tell them that you have a first page ranking site and that it gets X number of visits per day. You can install Google Analytics on your site to get your daily visits. It is very easy to do.  If your site is getting 20 or more visits per day this can be worth a lot of ongoing money to a chiropractor. So I explain this to them and say that they can have their contact information put on the site for $400 per month for an exclusive listing. This means that they are the only chiropractor on the site. Do this for each domain name you have and pretty soon  you are talking $4000 a month or more in ongoing revenue!

Auto Responder Service

Pick a business in your town….could almost be any business, and find their webpage. Lets look at resturants. So we go to Google, and search for “resturants in Bensalem” go through the first 20 results. How do their websites look? Could you improve them? What could you do to help them make more money?

Here’s where you can profit. How many of the resturant websites have an autoresponder form on the first page, especially at the top or above the fold? Find the one’s that don’t. Now make contact with the owner and ask what their slowest day is. Suppose they say Tuesday. Ask them if they’d like to make it one of their busiest.  Ask them, “What if you had a way to contact all your customers and site visitors and tell them you had a special gift for them on Tuesday. such as a free appetizer, a 2 for 1 special, a free drink or some other freebie. Explain further ways that you could build a list of customers from their website such as getting “inside” discounts and special menu announcements, and how they could market to that list to make more money.

If they aren’t interested….just walk away. You might want to tell them you are going to their competitor next!

Next you need to figure out what you want to charge for simply putting up an autoresponder form. Perhaps a one time fee of $100, along with the monthly fee that the autoresponder service charges. You would make your money off the one time fee, AND you can make ongoing monthly revenue if you offer to manage the list for them and create campaigns. This means that you help come up with the email newsletters that go out and come up with good ideas to promote. Charge a fee of $50 per month for this service.

I guarantee you get more business from them regarding their website because you are now the local internet marketing expert. You can do this for every business that is interested and make a heck of an income!

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